About Jacob McCartney

Jacob McCartney (born May 21, 1999) is a American businessman, writer, and musician. Jacob McCartney was born in Georgetown, Texas and raised in various surrounding cities, as well as San Jose, California. He is working on his degree in Economics at Texas State University.

He made much of his first money through retail arbitrage on Amazon.

McCartney also has interests in music, martial arts, international travel, the outdoors, political activism, and science & technology. He currently resides in his home state of Texas but is frequently traveling around the world.


Jacob McCartney denounces the domestic lifestyle and prefers to live the most interesting life he can. At the age of 18, McCartney spent time traveling the continent of Europe, hitting a total of 17 countries over the course of a month and a half. His passion for travel has continued since then, and he continues to travel.

In his spare time, McCartney practices martial arts, including the IDF's self-defense system known as Krav Maga. He cares a lot about personal health and strength, working out everyday and eating well.

McCartney is a fan of good food and drink. There is no food he will refuse to touch, and he will try everything. He is a coffee enthusiast, preferring to roast his own coffee. He prefers his coffee black, his beer dark, and his whiskey neat.


McCartney identifies as a libertarian, advocating limited government power, non-interventionism in foreign policy and a free market economy which does not redistribute wealth and upholds free trade. McCartney supports abolishing many "wasteful and unnecessary" federal departments.

McCartney advocates for preparedness for climate change, claiming that "while human activity has contributed to the change, we've done so only to a limited degree. It's more a natural cycle. It is our responsibility to be prepared for these changes to ensure our survival."

Born and raised in Texas, McCartney mentioned once that he would be in favor of Texas secession, explaining that "The Republic of Texas would be the 6th largest economy in the world and is the only state that could survive as its own country."